ILEC’s Al Fragnoli Speaks with WXYZ-TV About the Secrets of Intelligent Leadership

You can watch the full video of Al Fragnoli’s interview with WXYZ-TV by following this link.


Al Fragnoli, ILEC’s executive coach based in Shelby Township, MI, was recently featured on WXYZ-TV, the ABC affiliate in Detroit, where he shared a few of ILEC’s secrets of intelligent leadership with the morning news crew. In a segment that aired on Jan. 15, Fragnoli spoke about the personal qualities that can help you advance into a leadership position in 2022.

From the segment, below are some additional takeaways from Fragnoli’s interview:

On How to Get That Raise You Want

“It’s very common in a new year for people to set goals and strive for a new promotion. If you want to be in the best position for a promotion, you have to demonstrate your value through productivity and efficiency – show your passion and energy. And take a continuous approach to knowledge-seeking and education. Share your goals and let others, including your boss, know you’re interested in a promotion. You also need to set aside time to coach up and train your replacement, someone who can take over your previous role right away. That way, you can be promoted, and you’ll already have your previous position covered.”

On Standing Out in a Remote Work Environment

“Being virtual does present a challenge, but the key is to stay in frequent contact with others. You have to stay engaged and have those phone conversations with your colleagues, as well as your boss, and explain what your goals are. Be visible and set an example to follow for others.”

It Takes Empathy to Advance

“If you want to get into a leadership position, one of the best strategies is to learn about empathy and how to express it to others. It sounds simple, but a lot of people really struggle with it. Rather than blaming someone for missing their goals or objectives, an empathetic person will apply a more understanding approach to finding the reason why a goal wasn’t met. A leadership candidate that knows how to express empathy for others, especially their team members, is demonstrating a critical skill.”

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